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Juan of Words

Jan 24, 2021

What does this expression actually mean? Apparently it has shifted over the years, and in this episode we get into our own interpretations of this common phrase. We also talk about "selling out" and who gets to decide how that label is used. 

Jan 17, 2021

Or nightmares in some cases. Juan recounts a vivid dream he had recently that has stayed with him for the last few days, which leads us into a conversation about interpreting our dreams and nightmares. We also touch on our first impressions of the new social media audio app Clubhouse. But first we go into what happened...

Jan 5, 2021

For the commenter who sent us a message about how great we are about communicating with each other, this one is for you. We thought it would make sense to share how much of a work in progress communication has been and is in our marriage and relationship.