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Juan of Words

Apr 29, 2020

More than likely, it's not what you're thinking. For our 10th official episode - woo hoo! - we talk about the meaning of this expression. If you are anything like us, you might have your own interpretation of this terminology. We'd love to hear what it is! 

Apr 24, 2020

Yes, we said it! Tuna fish potato salad. Juan thinks it is a thing - is it? We also end up talking about communication and trying to do a better job of communicating with each other in our marriage. It's been a process, y'all. It is a process!

Apr 20, 2020

Like it or not, the influencer market is changing. As we all have begun to normalize the unusualness of being in a pandemic, people's attitudes towards what they now consider of interest is also different.

Apr 16, 2020

According to psychologists, toxic positivity is "the excessive and ineffective overgeneralization of a happy, optimistic state across all situations." It was a new term for Juan and we decided to have a conversation about it in this episode.

Apr 14, 2020

What does essential mean? As we consider the long term effects of this pandemic on our local, national, and global economy, on this episode we explore the topic of "essential jobs and skills" in times of crisis or economic depression.